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Flexible Sleeve Markers

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Flexible Sleeve Markers are designed to provide a permanent method of wire identification. The marker is installed before the termination is attached or solder connection made. The accordion pleat "non-slip" grip expands to slip on the wire/cable and retracts to hold firmly in position.

The same marker can be used for either right or left hand entry. Any number of markers, arranged in any sequence can be assembled to provide the necessary code. Hot stamped markings can't rub-off, fall-off, or peel-off. Markers allow for durable handling. Flexible Sleeve Markers are not sticky or messy. Installation is achieved without the aid of a tool.


Manufactured of finest grade, durable, flexible PVC. It will resist oil, grease, acids, abrasion and most chemicals. UL, FR-1 Rated.


Standard markings are numbers 0 to 9, letters A to Z, and symbols (electrical) upon request. Multiple markers of any 2, 3, 4, or 5 unit combination of above.


White with black markings is standard. Sleeve Markers in colors are available..


Flexible Sleeve Markers are attached in coils and twist off as needed. There are 100 single markers per package and 1000 single markers per spool.

Custom packages are available.

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.060 - .120
.080 - .140
.100 - .200
.140 - .250
.210 - .350
.320 - .480
1.5 - 3
2 - 3.6
2.6 - 5.1
3.6 - 6.4
5.4 - 9
8.2 - 12.3
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