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Harnesscoil Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wire Wrap


Harnesscoil is a flexible wrap that forms a firm, abrasion protecting bundle around wire/cable, hydraulic lines or wherever protection is warranted. It is ideal for organizing under desk computer cables. It twists on easily and allows lead-outs or additions at any point. Harnesscoil will not damage the outer insulation of wires or hydraulic lines. The interior surface is ridged to "grip" the wire bundle . Installed, it may be gapped for greater economy and flexibility or butted tightly for insulation protection and greater rigidity.

Harnesscoil is abrasion-resistant, moisture-proof, non-staining, non-toxic, and highly resistant to most acids, alkalies, grease and oil at ordinary temperatures. Installation is achieved without the aid of a tool.


Natural Polyethylene NP, Ultraviolet Resistant Polyethylene (Black) UVR, Fire Retardant Polyethylene (White) FR


In special dust-proof "feed-out" boxes that simplify dispensing, handling, application, and storage. Harnesscoil is available in boxes of 25, 50, and 100 foot lengths. Spools are available in 250 and 500 foot lengths.

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Catalog Number

Bundle Diameter

(inches) (mm)
1/16 - 1/2
3/16 - 1
1/4 - 2
3/8 - 4
1.6 - 12.8
4.8 - 25.6
6.4 - 51.2
9.6 - 102
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