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About Plastic Extruded Parts

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    Plastic Extruded Parts, Inc. enjoys the low operational expenses of rural upstate New York. The company is service oriented. We provide the product you want when you want it.

    Fifteen years of successful management experience, including decision making responsibility in a U.S. based multinational medical products company, provides the expertise necessary to produce the consistent, high quality, products demanded by today's competitive businesses.

    The quality function is directed by a professional who has been an ASQC Certified Quality Engineer since 1979. We are practitioners of TQM and firmly believe that on-line, operator initiated programs lead directly to improved product consistency, customer cost savings, financial stability and long term company growth.

    Plastic Extruded Parts, Inc. is a manufacturer with integrated systems to lower processing and customer costs.

  • Work-in-process inventory allows customized orders to be processed efficiently without costly mechanical change-overs.
  • A computerized management system provides strict product and process controls which lowers overhead.
  • Versatile personnel, materials, equipment and processes gives us economical production runs.
  • Long term vendor and customer relationships provides dependable product availability and stability in production cycles.

    Custom codes, packages and assemblies are available.


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